Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about what Verb can help you on your journey to a better self.

Can Verb help me reach my goal?

The key to Verb’s success is the success of our users. We provide the tools and you provide the drive. As with all things, the more you put into Verb the more you will get out of it.  Your coach is here to help you with that!

How soon can I expect to see improvements?

Verb is here to support your positive change but all good things take time, most of our users report lifestyle improvements in 2-3 weeks after starting to use our service.

What does Verb accountability really mean?

Our free version is to help you track consistently and understand what is or is not working for you. Being accountable to yourself and your coach will help you with your goals.

What can I expect from my coach?

The role of a coach is to support you on your journey. You can expect your coach to reach out to you on a daily basis, whether it is to set custom reminders or make a suggestion based on your habits, your coach's main goal is to encourage your growth.

I stopped the service, how do I restart?

Make sure to save your coaches number and you can simply text "start" or if you can't find it, contact us and we will get you restarted.

Can I change my coach?

Yes, just let your coach know you would like to start working with someone else and our customer support service will find you someone who fits your current goals.

Is my communication using Verb private?

Yes! At Verb, your privacy is our number one concern. We’ve taken all the necessary measures to ensure that any communication to and from Verb is secure and safe

Why texting?

Self-improvement is hard and that’s why we’ve designed Verb to be SMS-first experience to remove any extra friction and simplify communication between you and your coach.

Do I have to answer every question?

No, but it will help you to be able to track your progress. Our questions are designed to capture as many details as fast as possible. Your answers are stored and will be included in your weekly report.

Can I change the timing of the texts?

Yes, just let your coach know which texts you would like to change and we will update the timing to fit your routine and schedule.

Can I turn off specific questions?

Yes, just let your coach know which texts you would like to pause and we will remove them for you.

Is Verb really free?

Yes! You will have access to daily accountability from a coach, reoccurring reminders, and weekly reports. When you are ready to take your progress to the next level, consider a premium add-on service.

Can I cancel the service if I’m not satisfied?

Yes. You can text "STOP" at anytime and Verb will no longer contact you. If you ever want to restart the service again you can simple text "START" and the messages will resume.

Premium Add-Ons

Besides basic accountability services coaches are able to offer personalized premium add-ons to help you reach your goals even faster

How do I purchase premium services?

Verb coaches are offering a variety of personalized programs based on your goals and lifestyle. Ask your coach for what they  think would fit your best.

What kind of premium services are available?

Custom workouts, nutrition guides, nutrition programming, one on one sessions, and higher level accountability are some of our services.

How much are premium services?

Cost of premium service depends on the coach you are working with and the type of service you are receiving. Each coach has it’s own pricing structure, though average price of premium service is around $70/month.

Can I speak to a premium coach before committing to a premium service?

Yes - our coaches are happy to walk you through the specifics of their programs before you commit. This may look like an in-depth conversation or a free trial depending on the coach.

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