Coach from home. Earn money.

COVID-19’s rapid international spread has left millions of hardworking individuals unemployed. The fitness industry has been hit particularly hard with gyms closing their doors all across the country. Verb is assembling a team of fitness professionals to help our members stay accountable to their health and fitness goals during these tough times and beyond.
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  • Coach from your laptop and mobile phone
  • Help Verb users and get rewarded
  • You can do it no matter where you are
  • Save time on routine communications

Verb provides you with the tools you will need to help others achieve their goals.

Communication Hub

No more emails, spreadsheets and personal texts

More Accountability

Accountability is crucial achieving lasting change

Tracking Progress

Gradually watch your goal come into focus.

Help Others. Get Paid.

Verb payouts are based on your daily interactions with the clients and are subject to your availability. Verb puts you in control. Prove you can handle more and you grow as we grow.

Get Control Over Your Communication Channels

We provide both web-based control panel and on-the-go conversation management mobile app so that both you and your trainers can better manage their daily communication routines.
  • SMS-based delivery
  • MMS support for images
  • Group broadcast capabilities
  • Fully Customized Schedules
  • Suggested context-based replies
  • Workforce Reports and Analytics

Enriching Existing Membership Experience

Verb serves as the accountability partner to help keep these individuals hitting their training goals, while making sure their diet is on point and getting enough sleep to perform their best.

Why Coaches Love Verb?

Camila Vieira

fitness trainer and nutrition coach
“I love being a Verb coach because it’s very easy to connect with my clients and to give them feedback. She feels like they are truly a family. I love the Verb platform due in part to the easy access to my clients and the 24/7 support from the Verb team.”

Kate Butchino

personal trainer and health coach
“I love the Verb platform due to the accountability that Verb is able to create between clients and coaches. I loves how it helps to focus on all areas of health including sleep, hydration, stress level as well as activity level through an easy to use platform.”

Are You Verb Potential?

  • You are detail oriented and tech savvy
  • You have a smartphone (iOS or Android)
  • You have certifications (PT, life coach, nutrition)
  • You are comfortable with texting clients daily

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