Verb is usually $4.99/mo, but during this difficult situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we will be offering Verb for free.

Coach from home. earn money.

COVID-19’s rapid international spread has left millions of hardworking individuals unemployed. The fitness industry has been hit particularly hard with gyms closing their doors all across the country. Verb is assembling a team of fitness professionals to help our members stay accountable to their health and fitness goals during these tough times and beyond.

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Only a laptop and a phone are required
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How It Works

Verb provides you with the tools you will need to help others achieve their goals.


Send and receive SMS messages using the Verb mobile app. Manage users and empower them to achieve their fitness goals.


Your chance to show your skills. Answer questions and help users with their automated daily Verb workouts


Use the data Verb provides to create and send progress reports to each user. Weekly encouragement and guidance is everything on the path to better health.


Make some extra money for doing what you love.

Help Others. Get Paid.

Verb puts you in control. Prove you can handle more and you grow as we grow.


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10+ clients


50+ clients


100+ clients

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