Verb is a coaching platform that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to understand human behaviors. We enable coaches to more efficiently provide actionable feedback to encourage positive behavior change in individuals. We employ neural networks and natural language processing to understand and to extract insights from unstructured conversations.

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How It Works

Verb helps users maintain personal accountability & fitness regarding nutrition, water intake, sleep, and stress by learning their habits and checking via daily SMS.


Users can personalize Verb to fit their lifestyle. Setting custom reminders, adjusting message timing and by simply asking questions.


Verb allows users to stick to their goals even when they can’t get to a gym. Verb is the workout buddy everyone wishes they had.


Verb pairs workouts with daily messages and weekly reviews give users the power to achieve lasting change.

Core Functionality

Classification of  messages

  • Neural network classification of Messages
  • Extracting values from Messages (ie. Understanding that 64 oz of water is a good value and ‘Few sips’ is a bad value.)
  • Plan to further improve this by eventually adding additional context for conversations

Suggested Replies

  • Creating encouragement or guidance for users based on values extracted from messages
  • Minimizes time spent replying to mundane messages, thus enabling coaches to focus effort on more insightful and meaningful coaching
  • Plan to eventually automate some of these responses, requiring no coach input

Generation of Weekly Reports

  • Augmenting coaches with AI to enable more efficient coaching
  • Reduce time coach spends compiling data, allows coach to focus on delivering impactful guidance for users
  • With accumulation of enough data, Plan to automate these Weekly Reports

Priority Questions

  • Detection and classification of priority questions/messages.
  • Coaches can quickly cycle through read, answered, and messages waiting for reply
  • Empowers coaches to build trust with clients while still managing their time most effectively

Stats Through March 2020


Messages Sent


Messages Received


Insights Extracted from Messages


Weekly Reports Filled


Hours of Sleep Tracked


Ounces of Water Tracked

Founder & Ceo

Vincent Miceli

Vincent Miceli founded Verb in 2018 and has been helping people with accountability, goal setting, improving their lives for close to 6 years. Vincent has been involved in the health and wellness industry, founding and operating The Body Blueprint, for nearly a decade. He is inspired by getting people feeling better and accomplishing whatever goals they have. Vincent attributes his nearly 100LB weight loss to clear goals he accomplishes in short sprints. His mission is to help people understand their habits and daily behaviors by identifying what they do repeatedly. By using the successes of the thousands of clients he has worked with, he can help people recognize what is and isn't working very early on in their journey.


Vincent Miceli

CEO & Founder

  • Co-managed $800m in assets
  • Founder and operator of The Body Blueprint
  • Founded, invested in, and operated 3 companies across multiple sectors since 2008
  • Led investment in and operated two hospitality brands in NYC with 20m+ in revenue

Artur Kiulian

Chief Technology Officer

  • Specializes in Artificial Intelligence (M.A.) and Machine Learning
  • Featured in multiple publications including Inc, Entrepreneur, Forbes & The Wall Street Journal
  • Best Selling Author of ‘Robot Is The Boss: How To Do Business With Artificial Intelligence

Frank Pezzullo

Corporate Partnerships & Growth

  • Executive sales leader with 15 years experience in the Fitness and Hospitality industry
  • Oversaw M&A that doubled company size and added 100m in annual revenue
  • Lead S&M role that resulted in acquisition by KKR

Brian Mozza


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It’s hard to create lasting and measurable changes in your life.


Verb seamlessly integrates coaches and accountability data.

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