How It Works

The American Society of Training and Development found that people are 65 percent likely to meet a goal after committing to another person [study]. That’s why we created VERB, a platform designed to help you set your goals and unleash the power of accountability.

Day 1

Choose Your Goal

Setting goals helps trigger new behaviors, helps guides your focus and helps you measure your progress

Get Automated Reminders

92 percent of New Years resolutions fail. With a 2 to 1 better chance of reaching a goal with an accountability partner Verb is the perfect go to.
VERB coaches are focused to help you with these high level goals
Setting a goal is an important start of your self-improvement journey.

Day 2-7

Track Daily Habits

Big changes come from small adjustments to your lifestyle and daily habits. But the reality is that most people don’t track any of their daily habits and therefore are not able to quantify what’s really happening in their life. Days go by and changes are not happening.


Sleep is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle, staying on track of it becomes a life-changing experience.


Water makes up about 60 percent of your body weight. That’s why it’s essential for every cell, tissue and organ in your body.


Food is an essential part of our daily life though it's easy to slip on your food choices. Tracking food helps you make better choices every single day.


Tracking your mood helps you become more aware of your mind, which helps you manage your lifestyle choices and avoid triggers of stress.

Day 10

Design Your Plan

At this point you can either continue using a basic accountability toolkit through a form of automated messages and daily check-ins or commit to making your goals happen through a personalized action plan designed by a professional coach we paired you with

Personalized Workouts

Not everyone has the same goals and same physiology, that’s why it’s important to adjust workouts and training based on your fitness ability and realistic goals

Nutrition Guidance

Nutrition plans are created specifically to your lifestyle and current goals. A professional nutritional guidance can not only help you maintain healthy weight but also improve clarity and overall life quality.
The fitness industry is in the midst of a digital transformation and Verb is representing an emergence of digital-first trend of keeping people accountable about their health and wellness through the power of technology.
Personalized digital coaching for a fraction of a regular cost
$0 / month

Daily Reminders

Weekly Reports

Basic Accountability

$90-120 / month

Personalized Workout Plans

Goals and Progress Tracking

Weekly Video Sessions

Ready to take a leap? Our community of certified professionals is ready to help you get on track with your goals and will be there to support you along the journey.

Success Stories

Client: Adam N.
Interested in:
“By the summer of 2019 I was unable to handle the stresses of life while continuing to take care of myself at least to my standards. I was able to get away without structure and foundation for a long time, but getting older and more responsibilities eventually made it unmanageable. I started using Verb 8 months ago and the external results speak for themselves. I was 216lbs and 22% body fat as of July 2019. Verb’s platform is the foundation for my core daily activities and accountability. Both of which are a huge struggle for me. This solid foundation gives me the ability to take on more personally, professionally and physically. Without daily action there is no long term improvements.“
Responsible Coach

Jacob Zemer

Personal Trainer, Speaker + Accountability Coach based in NYC. Jacob uses science-based coaching methods &  accountability to help people exceed their health & fitness goals and unleash their best self.
Client: Charlotte W.
Interested in:
“Throughout high school, I struggled with accountability in almost all aspects of my life. I found myself taking the easy way out of school, rowing, and my own health and well-being. As this way of living prevailed, my mental and physical health deteriorated, and it became harder to manage my everyday stresses. I began my year-long journey with Verb during my senior year of high school, and I have since lost 35lbs. More importantly, my confidence and accountability are greater than ever, and I try to approach every day with newfound bravery. Verb has become an essential staple in my life, and it has taught me how important the little actions are in moving towards a greater goal.”
Responsible Coach

Vincent Miceli

Personal Trainer, Founder of Verb. Vincent has been helping people with accountability and improving their lives for close to 6 years. His mission is to help people understand their habits and daily behaviors by identifying what they do repeatedly.


Accountability + Wellness Score

Making goals and reaching them is hard, we know that - that’s why we made it simpler by offering a unique combination of machine intelligence and human coaching in one platform that works as simple as texting your friend on your mobile.
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"Verb and Natalie are my personal accountability coach. They show up everyday, whether I feel like it or not, to help me achieve my goals, solidify my habits, and be my personal best."
"I was lost before finding Verb. My coach Kate helped me simplify what my body needed to shed the weight. I'm down 10lbs this month thanks to her encouragement, plan, and daily check-ins!"
“Camila not only helped me lose weight but she also changed my eating habits and made exercise become common in my life. Thank you, Camila and Verb team for making this happen!”

Are You a Coach?

COVID-19’s rapid international spread has left millions of hardworking individuals unemployed. The fitness industry has been hit particularly hard with gyms closing their doors all across the country. Verb is assembling a team of fitness professionals to help our members stay accountable to their health and fitness goals during these tough times and beyond.
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