Verb is usually $4.99/mo, but during this difficult situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we will be offering Verb for free.

Get back to normal life with personalized coach help

Staying accountable to your fitness goals is now harder than ever. Verb will help you achieve fitness goals and back into working out with personalized coach support.

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How it works

Verb helps you maintain personal accountability & fitness regarding nutrition, water intake, sleep, and stress by learning your habits and checking in daily via SMS.


Make Verb your own. Set custom reminders, adjust message timing and ask questions.


Stay true to your goals even when you can’t get to a gym. Let Verb be your workout buddy.


Workouts paired with daily messages and weekly reviews give you the power to achieve lasting change.



Automated accountability questions about ideal water intake, sleep, food, stress, work or a custom parameter.


Stay on track with new and exciting workouts, even while you're not able to be at the gym.


Our coaches review your responses for the week to provide encouragement and recommendations.


Develop an understanding of your fitness habits by seeing your progress over time.

Success Stories

"It’s extremely helpful to have the texts throughout the day. It’s like the little voice in my head reminding me of what im working towards. I won’t really slack when I have someone holding me accountable or even just giving me ideas. I lost about 3-4 lbs in the last month, which is insane for someone that doesn’t have much to lose. I don’t remember ever seeing this number on the scale. I have also increased my water intake daily and my sleep is way more consistent."

"The past thirty days have been interesting. The reminders, questions and support have been excellent for my journey. I wasn't quite sure at first what it was all about but now I can really see how having this interaction keeps me more present in my day to day rather than go on auto-pilot. This is a huge step for me. I think month 2 will be even more effective because of the added awareness the first 30 days brought me. Thank you Vin!"

"VERB has def helped me identify some hidden realities (ie not getting adequate sleep). In addition, my overall attention and planning for meals has risen. Weekends are typically a time where my diet goes off course but this past month it has stayed intact. In reality having to answer the stress question was eye opening. Despite having a demanding work and home life the reality is it's not very stressful. When you dig deep to answer the question you realize that much of what we perceive to be stress is self inflicted."

"This has been so helpful. Taking accountability for everything thing I'm eating has helped me eat so much better for the entire month and even finally eat a whole week clean! I'm thinking ahead of time of everything that I'm doing with food and with my everyday habits. I've made so much more time with my chores and things I have to do throughout the day. Which helps my stress level so much. And when I am stressed this has helped me make myself stop and take a min. Which also helps so much!"

"I have learned more about me and about health and fitness. For example 80 ounces of water is dope for recovery as is sleeping 8 hours consistently every night. More importantly I know I can't be in a hurry to get gains at weight level in the gym. My body is unique and can only handle so much but I know the difference between injury and being uncomfortable. I choose uncomfortable every day. I know alcohol slows me down. And I know there is a better future for me even if I fail. My stress comes for providing for six people- and frankly that's all the matters in the world. Don't care if I'm rich but I always want to be able to support all six people in what they want to do and run a sub 8 minute mile. I relish being uncomfortable and the pain it brings. But I have fears like everybody else however I choose to take the chance because you can't win if you don't play."


With gyms shut down all across the country due to COVID-19’s spread, staying accountable to your fitness goals is now harder the ever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Verb help me reach my goal?

The key to Verb’s success is the success of our users. We provide the tools and you provide the drive. When users set realistic goals and achieve them, we all win 🚀

How much will Verb cost?

Usually, Verb requires a monthly commitment of just $4.99. Right now we are offering Verb for free.

Is my communication using Verb private?

At Verb, your privacy is our number one concern. We’ve taken all the necessary measures to ensure that any communication to and from Verb is secure and safe 🔐

Has Verb already been helping people?

A group of users were selected to join our beta testing group. With the help of these users, we’re working to make sure Verb is the best possible product to launch with when it becomes available to the public 🙌

Do I need to download an app to use Verb?

Verb is an SMS based platform. What that means is there’s no need to add another app to your phone, simply text us like you would anyone else. The goal of Verb is not to complicate, but instead to make your experience as seamless as possible 👍

When will Verb be available?

We want to make sure Verb is the best tool to help our users accomplish their goals. For this reason, we are taking time to ensure that not a single detail is missed or rushed. We hope to have Verb fully available by the fall of 2019. Trust us, it’ll be worth the wait 🌟

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