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Easy to integrate, no apps needed

Verb opens up a line of communication for you to learn more about your clients and their needs without them installing any additional software. It all happens via texting, as simple as texting your friend.

AI-powered language processing

We are not just another chatbox solution, our goal is to amplify your personnel and we equip them with superpowers to engage customers at scale

Brands with Verb

  • Streamlined communication with customers
  • Engaged and timely serviced audience
  • Automations for daily engagement
  • Seamless reporting on customer activity

Brands without Verb

  • Disjointed platforms that don't speak to each other
  • No automation/fully manual and slow
  • no way to manage client success and overall activity of clients

Run intelligent programming at scale

Verb allows you to customize brand messaging depending on the type of customer, his activities and out-of-the-gym habits.

Verb machine learning models are built to reduce time spent on manual communication between your personnel and your customers to improve engagement and retention.

Ask questions, get intelligent answers at scale

Does your brand run weekly challenges or have a specific weight loss program? We’ve done it all and build the platform to support any kind of recurring programming at scale.

How many of my customers had under 8 hours of sleep per night this week?
What are characteristics of customers that stay active for 3+ months?
Customer between age of 30 and 45
Notify admin team when customer visits our fitness center two times per week
John visited location two times this week

Visibility and Traceability

Do you have multiple locations and multiple touch points with personnel?

We’ve built a suite of tools to centralize communication with your customers and manage access for support personnel at all stages of customer journey.

Verb brings vertically integrated visibility from corporate ownership through the individual client conversations across regions and countries
Verb has been a great tool to help our clients achieve their lifestyle modification goals.  The team at Verb has been responsive to our specific program needs and a pleasure to work with.
Tom from VitalHuman
Verb has actually changed how I coach, and seriously changed my life! The freedom and at the same time structure it gives me as a professional is so crucial to my success as a trainer/coach.
Monique Berarducci from Ready Set Mo
Verb has been a wonderful tool to maximize the coaching experience for both client and coach. The client is given daily accountability, coaching, and insight, while as a coach, I’ve been granted daily updates, communication, and insight to my clients’ experiences even when I can’t be there 24/7. The conversations I’ve been able to have with clients have been more personal, in depth, and accurate to their true experiences with an efficiency that would have been difficult to come close to without the use of Verb.
Nick S. - Personal Trainer
I have been blessed by the opportunity to work for Verb. It has given me the opportunity to be flexible as a personal trainer and also stay home with my kids. The platform brings so much organization for a coach with little or a lot of clients. I love that the platform sends AI messages that helps clients stay accountable. I also really appreciate the graph that tracks my clients habits. It visually lays out their progress and helps me work more efficiently. It has also provided a spot to get to know my clients and connect with them on another level. I feel like I am better because of my time with Verb!
Hayley W - Personal Trainer

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