Grow Your Fitness Business with Smarter Communication Grow Your Fitness Business with Smarter Communication

We're an intelligent SMS and client management platform proven to drive results for your customers, retention, and revenue.

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Retain your customers by engaging when and how it mattersRetain your customers by engaging when and how it matters


Our SMS messages have an average open rate of 80%, which means you can better reach clients to help them onboard, train, and take advantage of promotions.


Each coach can provide a better member experience at scale with intelligent reply suggestions, question prioritization, auto-generated weekly client reports, and an organized home for conversations.


Verb analyzes all client communication to surface physical and behavioral insights that help you find and engage during key accountability moments.
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A Better Way to Communicate.
A Smarter Way to Grow

“Your team can make a difference in more lives and never miss a key accountability moment with better communication and data-backed insights. When you get it right, your clients stick with it and with you. Empower more people and build your business on stronger relationships and lasting habits. Grow differently with Verb.”
-Vin Miceli,
CEO and Founder of Verb

Make Change Probable for Your Clients and Your Business

13% Decrease In Member Churn

Big Box Gyms saw a 13% decrease in churn with people who opted into Verb without tracking a habit and 22% lower churn rates in clients who tracked habits.

5x Your Coaching Capacity

An independent coach went from servicing 50 clients to 1,200 without sacrificing quality automatically tracking bodyweight, macros, progress pictures, and meal pictures.

Break the Burn-and-Churn Cycle with Accountability When it Matters

Gyms without Verb:


Members start off strong and ready to make a change, but don’t get the guidance they need to reach their goals.


Life gets in the way and they skip the gym for a week or two.


The motivation has worn off and they decide it’s not a good time for their new health habit.


With no one holding them accountable they cancel their membership.

Gyms With Verb:

Step 1

Organize your end-clients in Verb to keep communication organized and easy.

Step 2

Let Verb help you draw insights, identify key moments and streamline your communication.

Step 3

Take action to keep clients on track and provide a better member experience.

Step 4

Watch your clients stick with it and stick with you.

Read What Our Partners Have to Say

at Jacob Zemer Fitness

Verb is a phenomenal platform, and it's extremely easy to use. The team is amazing. It almost feels like you're working with family; they become not just support but almost like a friend. They give you advice on anything within your business.

at 24 Hour Fitness

Vin and Verb are partners that can help companies understand and develop relationships with their people, their clients, their guests, their members…and expand and extend those relationships. They're an enabler.

at Grown Strong

Verb enabled us to collect those physical results. We told them what we needed, and they made it happen. Before Verb, we struggled with highlighting benefits and results, but when we talked to Vin, he laid out how they could help, and we’re very pleased with the results.
Discover how Verb cab work for youDiscover how Verb cab work for you
Get in touch to ask questions, see a demo, and learn how Verb can help your clients and revenue stick with you month after month.