Make Change Probable for Your Members, and Your Business 

There is a disconnect in fitness coaching, and you see it in your numbers. 

Clients in. Clients out. What if our businesses are only as stable as our clients’ motivation? Now that’s a scary thought. Imagine a world where you can create lasting change for people and your business. 

We believe that moment comes down to humans intervening when it matters most–and we want to help you do it at scale.

That’s why we built Verb. 

Our intelligent AI and SMS platform helps you and your teams engage when it matters so you can better serve the people who trust you with their health. When you get it right, clients stick with it and with you. Yes, you really can decrease churn and drive revenue. 
A better way to communicate. A smarter way to coach. A faster way to grow.
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Our Story

Verb began with a simple question: How do you create change?

This was the question our founder Vin Miceli asked himself year after year. What was getting in the way of what he was doing and what he wanted to become? And after trying different routes, he discovered that it came down to one thing: habits.
Whether you’re trying to make a small adjustment to your health routine, avoid burnout, or dig yourself out of a hole, reaching your full potential starts with changing your behavior. 

That’s why we created a tool that centers on creating new habits and engaging at key accountability moments when someone is primed to drop off. This is the instant where change happens. We know because we’ve been there. And now, we’re ready to help others discover that they have the power to change, too.

The Verb Team

In a world where the standard is to repeat bad habits, we want to challenge the status quo. We’re risk-takers, boundary pushers, passionate athletes and coaches who are excited to help people experience the correlation between creating new habits and living the life they want. Whether that’s losing weight, staying healthy, or making time to move, we believe that fitness and technology can open avenues of accountability to create meaningful, lasting change.
Vin Miceli Picture

Vincent Miceli

CEO & Founder
Artur Kiulian Picture

Artur Kiulian

Nolan Parker

Nolan Parker

Head of Product
Sarah Lalalane Picture

Sarah Lalalane

Ops Manager
Steph Lieto picture

Steph Lieto

Head Coach
Max Potapov Picture

Max Potapov

Product Manager

Our Investors

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Discover how Verb cab work for youDiscover how Verb cab work for you
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